10 Best Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren't Just Books)

10 Best Gifts for Book Lovers (That Aren’t Just Books)

by Hana Walker

With the holiday season fast approaching, it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to find the perfect gifts for the people you love. And when getting a present for a book lover, it can be all too easy to settle for buying the latest bestseller, even if you’re not sure they will like it.

That’s why we’ve found the 10 best gifts for bookworms aside from books, all sourced by independent retailers. So get your wallet ready and try not to order them for yourself!

1. “Midnight Readers Club” Moon Brass Bookmark, £8.50

From the Literary Emporium, a Somerset-based company, this gorgeous brass bookmark is a great place to start when searching for a bookish gift this December.

For £8.50, you’ll receive this delicately designed bookmark, and keep in mind that they offer free UK shipping on orders over £25. For more information on the product and how to order it, click here.

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2. The Library Bookend, £10.99

For just under £11, you can buy this wonderful bookend—a perfect way to complete any bookshelf.

It’s sold by The Literary Gift Company from Reading (what an apt place name!), established by a former bookseller and bookshop manager. For information about delivery, look here.

3. Bookish Soy Wax Scented Candle, £4.99

If you don’t want to get a book lover a book for the holidays, why not get them a candle that smells like a bookshop?

This candle lasts for over 40 hours of burning and is only £4.99, making it the perfect gift for a bookworm that might have to stay inside this holiday season—you’re bringing the bookshop atmosphere to them!

The candles are made of pure natural soy wax, and are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Find out more here.

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4. Blind Date with a Book, £10.00

Instead of getting the latest bestseller, take a chance on this “blind date with a book” package. For the gift-wrapped book, you can request a specific genre, whether it be crime, romance, etc., or you can choose a surprise.

The package also contains a complimentary bookmark; a choice of English breakfast tea, herbal tea, or coffee; biscuits; and a vegan chocolate bar.

What’s more, 50p of every package sold goes to a local animal rescue organisation. Order here.

5. Easily Distracted by Cats and Books T-Shirt, £9.68 / £16.14

Moving into the realm of fashion, what’s better than this unisex t-shirt to show off how much your loved one loves books?

The shirt is currently discounted by just over £6, so it’s a great deal! Etsy also promises to offset any carbon emissions made from delivery and packaging on any t-shirts sold. You can find out more here.

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6. Shhh I’m Reading Mug, £13.50

This is another great gift to show the world what a bookworm your friend or relative is! Plus, they’ll appreciate the peace and quiet of being left alone with their book.

Each mug is handmade by a small business based in North Yorkshire and delivery is free. What’s not to like? You can order one here.

7. Custom Keychain Miniature Book, £16.00

Although this is slightly pricier than the other gifts, we believe it’s not to be overlooked on the lead up to the holidays.

You can get a personalised book cover keychain of any book you want! The keychains are hand-designed and made of polymer clay. Find out more about ordering deadlines to get it before Christmas Day here.

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8. Wrote a Note Sticky Notes, £6.95

This adorable pack of sticky notes in the design of a typewriter is another lovely present from The Literary Gift Company.

For just under £7, you can get 100 sheets of sticky notes and support an independent company at the same time. Find out more about this adorable gift here.

9. Stack of Books Earrings, £18

Another gift from The Literary Gift Company is this beautiful pair of earrings that look like a stack of books. Wearing them is bound to get people (or at least other bookworms) talking!

Although they’re the most expensive present on this list, they’re handmade with care and include 3cm bronze ear hooks.

For delivery information, check here.

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10. Lady Macbeth Pin, £8

The last gift on our list is one of the most beautiful pins from the Literary Emporium.

Their website boasts a wide array of pins inspired by many fantastic literary characters, but our personal favourite is this Lady Macbeth one with a golden snake design.

For £8, it’s something any book lover would adore. Check out this stunning pin and their delivery information here.

And that’s the end of our list! Let us know on Instagram which gift you think is the cutest and which you’d love to receive yourself!

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Happy bookish holidays!