10 Gift ideas for the writer in your life – From most affordable to most lavish

Considering the passion of a loved one when shopping for a gift is an amazing way to show you care. But, getting the right thing demands you consider several factors: preference, usability, and quite importantly, budget.

So, if you have a writer in your life who you want to shop for, let us take the stress of researching away with our top 10 gift recommendations for writers. We start from the most budget-friendly options and build up to splurge-worthy ideas:

#1 Downloadable writing guides

Budget: £1.5 – £2

If you have a tight budget or need a gift delivered immediately, PDF writer workbooks make for a superb gift! There’s a variety of online materials for writers which you can download right after purchase. These can help brainstorm story ideas, carry out writing challenges and even think of plot twists. We have over 20 such workbooks on our Etsy shop for you to browse. This includes our Story Development Workbook, A Guide on Writing Self Help, Guiding Book Planning Workbook and A Guide Bundle for Nonfiction. The advantage here is that they are available from anywhere and at any time and can be reused as many times as you need.

#2 Candles scented like books

Budget: £4 -15

Writing can be that much more productive if your environment is set up to inspire you. This is where your gift comes in: help your writer friend set up a comforting workspace with a candle reminiscent of books and writing. Some ideas from wonderful small businesses are candles scented like a library, an old bookshop, and even the distinct scent of a new book!

#3 Writing prompt books

Budget: £11-15

Maybe what that author in your life needs is a practical gift to help them create. Whether they struggle with writer’s block or need their next best-seller-worthy idea, there are relatively inexpensive prompt books you can get to inspire them! Amazon has you covered with an infinitely long list of such reads, but we recommend looking at 5-Minute Daily Writing Prompts by Tarn Wilson and 5,000 WRITING PROMPTS by Bryn Donovan to start your research off.

#4 Custom mugs

Budget: £10-20

Both incredibly thoughtful and reasonably economical are customisable mugs for writers. There are all sorts of customisable mugs online, which print the personalisation in vintage design, black-and-white sketchbook aesthetic and more. These can be shipped straight to the gift receiver’s door, so if you think the writer in your life will enjoy a cuppa while practising their craft, this could be just the thing! This versatile present is perfect for most occasions, including office Secret Santa, birthdays and Valentine’s Day!

#5 Vegan leather diary

Budget: £26-36

Take it from us: good writing requires organisation. Gift the writer in your life a way to stay on top of daily tasks and writing to-do’s. And because we want to stay classy in a cruelty-free way, we suggest a vegan leather journal or diary. Overall, notebooks make excellent gifts because they bring writers back to the organic way of writing with pen or pencil, all while being genuinely practical for their day-to-day. Make sure to pick a colour that will speak to your author friend and include their initials if the retailer will allow personalisation!

#6 Custom jewellery for writers

Budget: £28 – 45+

Now, onto something symbolic, wearable and, well… sparkly! Writer gifts do not all need to be stationary-related. Reasonably priced jewellery can be a beautiful way of celebrating the author in your life, the launch of their new book, or even their bravery in submitting a manuscript! Naturally, jewellery for writers comes in plenty of different forms, including a write-your-own-story pendant and a typewriter monogram necklace! So, if you’re after a unique gift that will leave a lasting impression without breaking the bank, we think you have it right here.

#7 Coffee, tea or hot chocolate subscription

Budget: £9 – 26+ per delivery

What do writers need to thrive? Ideas, writing tools and coffee – or tea, or hot cocoa. A unique gift to fuel an author throughout their writing journey is a subscription box with their favourite coffee blend, tea leaves or hot chocolate mix! You have many options for this: you could either go for a dedicated coffee subscription service where you get to pick the coffee, pack and grind type or opt for their favourite hot beverage mix shipped to them every month! You can usually purchase 3-12 months in advance, so this gift can be as affordable or lavish as you want it to be. When your friend author reaches for their well-stocked cupboard of tea and coffee during their late-night writing sessions, you will be the hero who made it happen.

#8  An experience day

Budget: £49+ (usually)

Take it from a writer: experiencing new things can be the most beautiful and raw form of inspiration. And writers sometimes need a break from writing – even though they do not take one. If you are feeling like splurging a bit more to celebrate the writer in your life, think about getting them an experience day as a present! You can take them on a fancy dinner, gift them an adventure for the day or even a one-night stay in a different city.

#9 A photoshoot for a professional headshot

Budget: £100+ (usually)

Every writer needs a clean, professional headshot, especially if their new book is due soon. Want to go the extra mile for the author in your life? Consider contacting a local photographer or studio and discuss what your budget can get you in terms of an author’s photoshoot. A photoshoot with a professional can be an incredibly empowering experience.  Some ideas are headshots with simple backgrounds, professional-looking photos for social media or photos of the author holding the physical book if it has already been released. The pictures can be used in promotional materials which will make your writer friend look polished and professional.

#10 Their (first) book coaching session with us

Budget: get in touch!

We have kept something truly special for last. Writing is one thing, but if that author friend wants to take their book from idea to a bookshelf, they will likely need to get some expert help in that process. So, as the ultimate gift of thoughtfulness for the author in your life, we suggest gifting them their first book coaching session with us at The Book Shelf. Ameesha and the rest of our experienced team will take care of them and their project, so it thrives and becomes successful. If you’d like to chat with us about how to make such a gift happen, here is where to message us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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By Anna Kiousi