4 Female-written books about physical and mental health

by Shelby Jones

You may be thinking reading about health is niche, but the topic of mental and physical wellbeing can be deeply immersive when it is written by the right person – and in the case of this list, the right woman. We hope you will find at least one or two must-reads in this lovingly procured list of books.

What I Wish People Knew About Dementia by Wendy Mitchell 

Sunday Times Bestseller: “A book of hope.”

What can a diseased brain tell us about being human, living our own lives better and helping those with dementia get the best from theirs?

When Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with young-onset dementia at the age of fifty-eight, it was the start of a new life. This book is wise, practical and life affirming. It combines anecdotes, research and Wendy brilliant wit and wisdom to tell readers exactly what she wishes they knew about dementia.

Are You Really OK? by Stacey Dooley

When Dooley learnt that, every week, 1 in 10 young people experience symptoms of mental health, and 1 in 5 have considered taking their own life, she wanted to open up a conversation. This book challenges the stigma and stereotypes of mental illness by collaborating with mental health charities and experts. I found the tone of this book mirrored Dooley’s own voice – empathetic, curious, and professional. The reading is accessible and explanatory.  

As with all of Stacey Dooley’s work, this book was warm and compassionate. She discusses lesser-known mental and social issues as well as future work to be done around mental health.

I do feel, having read this, that there is a lot more work to be done for mental health regarding social issues such as poverty, racism, and hate crime. There is also a lack of support from governmental services. I do feel that Dooley’s approach is the beginning of an important change in Britain’s mental health problem and that’s why this book has stayed with me all year. 

The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama

“Her life. Her learnings. Her toolkit to live boldly.”

In an uncertain world, former US First Lady Michelle Obama teaches you strategies to find hope and balance. Instead of contemporary affirmations, Obama delves into practical methods of discovery, so you can address difficult topics and understand how to cope with them. Her stories are insightful, human, and personable, which will empower you to find your own connections in a world that seems to be changing so fast.

‘Intimate, inspiring and set to become hugely influential’ — Sunday Times

The Self-Care Cookbook: Easy Healing Plant-Based Recipes by
Gemma Ogston

Yes, I am ending this list with a cookbook! If health and nourishment through food don’t go together, then I don’t know what does. So, for when you need to take care of yourself through making delicious, plant-based, healing meals, Gemma Ogston has got you covered.

“With over 60 delicious recipes including fiery bean stew for the days we feel under the weather, calming miso pasta to give your gut flora a super boost and indulgent chocolate pud because YOU deserve it, The Self-Care Cookbook is for anyone who needs some extra TLC.”

I personally cannot wait to dig in.

Something catch your eye? We hope whichever read you choose intrigue you and possibly teach you something new. If you have any other books about health you’d like to share, let us know on social media. We love a good recommendation!