6 Reasons to start writing a nonfiction book today

You might be mulling over the decision to start a nonfiction book for a while now or it could have crossed your mind only briefly. Whatever the case may be, today can be day when you finally commit to the idea and start working on that book. 

So why do we think you should do it? Let’s explore some of the many tangible outcomes writing and publushing a nonfiction book can bring you as a writer and a person in general. They range from channeling your energy into something productive to opening up new opportunities or the possibility of extra income.

#1 Focus

When you write about something you love, you get to consistently concentrate on something positive. This can be a healthy distraction during a difficult period or a productive way to channel your energy into into a meaningful project. So, if you are in need of an output for your thoughts, experiences or creativity, you can switch on your laptop and focus your attention on sharing knowledge with people instead.

#2 Helping 

By sharing your skills, experience and insights with readers, you’re helping to make the world a better place. You’re teaching and up-skilling people in a wide-scale way, often with broader reach than you could achieve by working directly with people. Just think of all the positive impact you could have just by starting that first chapter today.

#3 Authority

If you’re a business owner, freelancer, entrepreneur, or professional, publishing a book is one way to build credibility within your field. If it’s done well, a book conveys to people that you’re an expert on your topic and that you’re willing to share your knowledge, which helps people perceive you as a trusted authority on your subject matter.

#4 Opportunity 

Publishing a book opens doors. It might be opportunities for collaboration with like-minded people, an invitation to be a guest speaker on a podcast, or even a new career path. If you’re a business owner, it offers chances to upsell your products, courses, or consultancy services to readers. Often, success with self-published nonfiction is about the opportunities it creates more than the book itself.

#5 Legacy

At the very least, publishing a book means you can say “I’m an author”. In one sense, this should give you a personal sense of accomplishment, confidence, and pride. However, it also creates a great legacy for your family. Imagine being able to hand your loved ones a signed copy of your published book? Writing a book helps you leave a legacy in the world that will survive even when you’re gone.

#6 Income

This one comes bottom of the list because it’s a nice side effect of publishing a book, but it’s rarely the primary benefit, especially with self-publishing. Most self-published authors don’t make heaps of cash from their books, but a successful book does offer a nice trickle of pillow income—enough to buy the next few coffees at least.

If these benefits sound appealing to you, why not try your hand at writing your book? You can even start planning it today!