Bruno Lowagie, author of “Entreprenerd”, May 2021

“I hired Ameesha from The Book Shelf during the production phase of my book Entreprenerd, after the copy editing process. I regret that I didn’t involve her earlier in the process. The Book Shelf took care of the cover design, proofreading, and typesetting, but Ameesha also turned out to be an excellent coach, helping me with the many hurdles that need to be taken care of after the book is written and before it can be released to the public. 

She was a sounding board whenever I had doubts, for instance, about marketing my book. Sometimes she disagreed with me in a gentle way. When I followed her advice, I had to admit that she was right and I was wrong. That was exactly what I hired The Book Shelf for. I am very happy that Ameesha helped me produce a better book than I would have produced on my own.”