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Should authors create and narrate their own audiobooks?

Should Authors Create and Narrate Their Own Audiobooks

by Ameesha Smith-Green In the last five years, audiobooks have grown in popularity, which is understandable when you consider the […]

Want to finally get writing? Here’s how

5 Ways to Start Writing

by Shelby Jones The beginning is the hardest part—of anything. And you’re a writer, so putting your thoughts into action […]

Mirror mirror on the wall, should I avoid vanity publishers?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Should I Avoid Vanity Publishers

by Ameesha Smith-Green “Mirror mirror on the wall, whose book is fairest of them all?” The term “vanity publishing” certainly […]

6 Steps to writing better

How Can I Become a Better Writer

by Shelby Jones Writing can be a minefield and many would certainly prefer to traverse great fields of potential dynamite […]

Which type of publishing to choose? So many choices…

Which Type of Publishing Do You Choose?

by Ameesha Smith-Green As an aspiring author, you’re faced with a difficult decision early on: do you seek a traditional […]

The 5 biggest mistakes nonfiction authors make might surprise you

The 5 Biggest Mistakes That Authors Make

by Ameesha Smith-Green Having worked in and around the publishing industry for the past 12 years, I’ve seen a lot […]

Yes, you really need a book editor. Ηere’s why

Do You Really Need a Book Editor? Yes, and This Is Why

by Hana Walker Imagine this: you’ve dedicated the past couple of years to working on a new book that you […]

How do you make a self-published book look professional?

How Do You Make a Self-Published Book Look Professional

by Ameesha Smith-Green Self-publishing can be a fantastic thing. It gives any aspiring author the ability to publish a book […]

 Your 5-point checklist to becoming a published author

How to Become an Author in 2022

by Ameesha Smith-Green So, 2022 is the year you’re going to become an author, right? Whether you set a New […]

Top 5 author marketing trends you shouldn’t miss out on

Top 5 Marketing Trends Authors Should Not Overlook

Sometimes, marketing your book can be harder than writing it. There are so many different strategies out there that it […]

What is the best way to self-publish your Memoir?

What's the Best Way to Self-Publish My Memoir?

by Phoebe Geary Memoirs are one of the most popular genres of narrative nonfiction for both readers and writers. They’re […]

5 steps to getting published after finishing your book

5 Steps towards Publication

by Shelby Jones The end of your story isn’t really the end. By all means, celebrate and breathe a sigh […]

How to tell a good book editor from a bad one

How to Tell a Good Editor from a Bad One

by Phoebe Geary In today’s industry, securing the right editor can mean the difference between your book’s make or break. […]

How to build your audience as a writer

How Can I Establish Myself as a Writer?

by Olga Bialasik Carving out a space for yourself among thousands of other writers can seem like a daunting, if […]

6 Reasons to start writing a nonfiction book today

You might be mulling over the decision to start a nonfiction book for a while now or it could have […]

Why authors self-publish and how much it really costs

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to publish a book and have people actually read it, you needed a publisher […]

Why authors want a publisher and why it’s so hard to get one

With the explosion of self-publishing over the last decade or so—and with its benefits of speed, ease, and accessibility—you might […]

Is your book self-help or a memoir? Our non-nonsense guide

One of the most common reasons for writing a nonfiction book is “I want to help people change their life”. For many […]