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10 Self-Help Clichés to Avoid in Your Writing

| October 6, 2020

Whether you’re writing a self-help book, a personal development blog, or even an inspirational podcast script, your primary goal is […]

Why Nonfiction Needs to Have a Narrative

| September 29, 2020

Guest post: By Shazeen Iqbal, The Writer Vending Machine A nonfiction book is a unique journey where the author communicates factual […]

Can I Use Quotes in My Book? Copyright, permissions, and plagiarism…

| May 29, 2020

As a nonfiction author, you may want to quote other people in your book—be it to set a certain tone, amplify your […]

How Not to Write a Book: 5 mistakes to avoid when writing nonfiction

| April 24, 2020

As a nonfiction book editor, I see my fair share of great first drafts, but also some pretty average ones. A mediocre […]

Top 3 Capitalisation Errors

| February 16, 2019

In the last few guides, we looked at the top five grammar errors and the top three punctuation errors. But there’s another area […]

Top 3 Common Punctuation Errors

| February 16, 2019

So, we’ve looked at the most common grammar errors. But what about punctuation? Some of the most heinous crimes against writing […]

Can I Publish a Book as a Non-Native Writer?

| April 24, 2018

As a nonfiction book editor, I’m often asked whether it’s possible to publish a book as a non-native speaker or […]

Top 5 Common Grammar Errors

| March 7, 2018

Having proofread over 400 books, I’ve encountered many a common grammar error. The same mistakes pop up time and time […]

Introduction vs. Preface: What’s the Difference?

| October 8, 2017

When you’re writing a nonfiction book, you might wonder what the difference is between an introduction and a preface. Do […]