Do you want to write online? Start with Quora

If you want to start writing online, start first with Quora!

Ameesha Green is a titan on Quora. She’s been on there for years… it’s where she started writing about her niche. 

Here at The Book Shelf, we on other platforms like TwitterMediumLinkedIn, and Instagram spreading the good word on publishing. What about Quora

It’s the golden goose in the heavens of digital writing. 

Dodge the social media giants and see why Quora is perfect for aspiring writers.

1. Quora helps people 

Admittedly, Quora can be full of strange or outrageous questions and answers. This might be off-putting, but fear not. Bad questions and answers won’t be part of your radar. 

There good questions with good answers. These are the writers and readers you’ll stick to. 

The good side of Quora is a haven of help. 

If you want to genuinely help someone and articulate your ideas thoughtfully, then you can make a difference to someone’s life and build a following who like your authentic self. 

2. Quora helps you examine your abilities and capabilities

Sometimes, you discover things about yourself when prompted by another. 

Writers run into these problems often. They hit that mental brick wall where no idea and no thought can break through. Then, someone on Quora asks you in just the right way and boom, you’ve discovered a topic you didn’t know you could be part of. 

Think of Quora like a writer’s pilgrimage. All from your desk chair, you’re adventuring unknown lands, new territories, and pushing the barriers of your mind. 

3. You’ll generate ideas easily 

That mental block in a writer’s mind is eye-watering. You’re there and there’s no budging the wall. 

What other website is there to generate ideas? Quora is right there, asking questions and giving answers to topics beyond that mental brick wall. 

Having written on Quora for years, Ameesha racked up millions of views and votes on her answers because she’s picked a niche which interests her and always keeps her mind moving. 

Picking a niche which interests you is a good place to start with generating ideas. Then, you can expand out from this topic and explore more of yourself and other ideas. 

If there’s anything me and Ameesha know about writing online, is that it’s a journey, not a race. You need to grow as you write, or else you’re just not going to do well at all. 

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We’re here to help writers — we’re here to help you. 

By Shelby Jones