Bruno Lowagie, author of “Entreprenerd”, May 2021

Bruno Lowagie

Jeff Clark, upcoming author, Nov 2020

Jeff Clark

Rebekah Mullen, upcoming author, Dec 2020

Rebekah Mullen

Tenaz Sunavala, author of “The Path to Empowerment”, June 2021

Tenaz Sunavala

Sharrell Kline, author of “Positively Managing Performance”, 2018

Sharrell Kline

Mark Lanyon, author of “Who Stole Grandma?”, June 2021

Mark Lanyon

Samba Lékouye, author of “Everythink”, 2020

Samba Lékouye

Jean de La Rochebrochard, author of “The Human Machine”, 2019

Jean de La Rochebrochard

James Shaw, author of “What Is Happiness?”, Jan 2021

James Shaw

Rad Wendzich, author of “Your Default Settings”, 2019

Rad Wendzich

Harrison Paul, upcoming psychology author, 2020

Harrison Paul

Laide Abel, author of “People as Assets”, Aug 2020

Laide Abel

Danny D, April 2021

Danny D

Timothy Chen, author of “The Religious Transaction”, June 2021

Timothy Chen

Stacy Moroz, author of “Persistence is Futile: How Taking a Break Can Move You Forward”

Stacy Moroz

Eric Bravo, author of “How to Get an Animation Internship: A Guide That Helps You Apply, Interview, and Get Your Foot into Show Business”

Eric Bravo

Anna Simpson, author of “Create the Life You Dream About: Discover Your Inner Power to Change Your Life”

Anna Simpson

Carly Peacock, upcoming author of “A Pocketful of Porn”

Carly Peacock