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Alpha and Beta Readers: Who are they? Why do I need one?

Alpha? Beta? These Greek semantics serve a different purpose in the writing process. New and veteran authors alike find these […]

Do You Really Need a Book Editor? Yes, and This Is Why

Do You Really Need a Book Editor? Yes, and This Is Why

by Hana Walker Imagine this: you’ve dedicated the past couple of years to working on a new book that you […]

How to Tell a Good Editor from a Bad One

How to Tell a Good Editor from a Bad One

by Phoebe Geary In today’s industry, securing the right editor can mean the difference between your book’s make or break. […]

What Type of Editor Do You Want to Work with? The editor’s inside guide to editors

What Type of Editor Do You Want to Work with The editors inside guide to editors

As an author or aspiring author, you’ll no doubt find yourself working with an editor at some point in the pre-publishing process—either a freelancer editor in the process […]

What Type of Author Are You? The editor’s inside guide to authors

If you’re an author or aspiring to be one, you’ll probably end up working with an editor at some point, […]

What’s It Like to Work with a Book Editor?

If you’re thinking about hiring a freelance editor for your book, you might be wondering what it’s like to work […]

Which is the best proofreading software – Grammarly or Word’s Spellchecker?

Whether you’ve written a blog, a book, or some website content, you no doubt know that the text needs proofreading […]

Editing vs. Proofreading: What’s the difference?

As a writer or author, you may want a professional to add that extra polish to your work. But do […]

Why Don’t We Spot Our Own Typos?

Have you ever written a blog, proofread it, and posted it—only for someone to point out a glaring typo? Or […]

How Much Does Professional Book Editing Cost?

You’ve written a book. You’ve done some self-editing. You’ve made the decision to hire an editor and you’re ready to […]

To Hire an Editor or Not to Hire an Editor?

I was delighted to be featured as a guest blogger on author Sally Jenkins’ writing blog recently. You can check […]

Where Can I Find the Best Editor for Me?

You might have the perfect date or partner for Valentine’s day, but how do you find the perfect editor for […]

How to Choose an Editor or Proofreader

So, you’ve written a book, blog post, article, or essay, and now you need an editor or perhaps a proofreader. […]

Editor Secrets: How Long Will it Take to Edit and Publish Your Book?

As a book editor, I often get approached by authors who have just finished writing and now need an editor. […]