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How does a self-publishing company respond to the industry’s strain on the environment?

by Anna Kiousi Have you ever thought about the impact the publishing industry has on the environment and our planet? […]

10 Gift ideas for the writer in your life – From most affordable to most lavish

Considering the passion of a loved one when shopping for a gift is an amazing way to show you care. […]

How to get gender-inclusive language right in your book

by Anna Kiousi The topic of gender inclusivity can be intimidating for authors as being respectful to everyone is important […]

How to get published when you are writing in a non-native language

As a nonfiction book editor, I’m often asked whether it’s possible to publish a book as a non-native speaker or […]

The 5 grammar mistakes you don’t want to make

Cancelling Cancel Culture 2

Having proofread over 400 books, I’ve encountered many a common grammar error. The same mistakes pop up time and time […]

How to self-publish your book: A step-by-step guide

As a book editor, authors often ask me how to self-publish a book and what the self-publishing process entails. In […]

Introduction VS preface: Is there really a difference?

A close-up photo of two hands: one writing on a spiral notebook with a silver pen and the other using the laptop mouse trackpad on a glossy black desk against a sunny background

Introduction or preface: Is there a difference? If you’re writing a nonfiction book, or thinking about writing one, you might […]

Editor secrets: how long will it take to edit and publish a book

As a book editor, I often get approached by authors who have just finished writing and now need an editor. […]

5 Books to gift your loved one

“Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them.” (Neil Gaiman) We all know Valentine’s Day — […]

To publish or self-publish? That is the timely question…

Well, that’s what Shakespeare might be asking if he was still alive. Indeed, it’s the question on many a budding […]

 This is how to write your non-fiction book in 10 steps

We’ve all heard the saying “Everyone has one good book in them” or some variation. In fact, the original quote […]

Do you want to write? 4 proven writing styles for novice and veteran writers

Why does it matter? Can’t I write however I want? There are four general stylistic categories that writing falls into. […]

7 Historical nonfiction books we couldn’t put down

It’s time to get familiar with history books and war memoirs. Take a look at our carefully crafted list of […]

How to start writing online: our CEO-approved tip!

A bird's-eye view image of a dark-stained wood desk with plants on the top right corner and three letter tiles saying Q&A in orange lettering on the bottom left.

So, you’ve got an idea for a nonfiction book and you want to start writing. But wait… you haven’t written […]

 3 Reasons why your article is not doing well

As an editor, I can tell you why your articles don’t get a lot of views Here at The Book Shelf, […]

5 Life-changing books you can finish in a week

“When I look back, I am so impressed again with the life-giving power of literature,” said Maya Angelou. “If I were […]

8 Female empowerment books you need to read

There is some great fiction and nonfiction out there that discusses the experience of being a woman, rethinks our societies […]

3 Key tips for neurodivergent writers: ADHD/ Autism

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed (and subsequently smashed) the ‘Myth of the ‘Natural’ Writer’ and discussed the absolute best thing […]