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8 Female empowerment books you need to read

There is some great fiction and nonfiction out there that discusses the experience of being a woman, rethinks our societies […]

Hitting your reading goal this year: How and why to read more

The Golden Ticket – How much money can you make from publishing a book

“I need to start reading more” No matter how many times I tell myself this, I end up not fulfiling […]

7 Lessons from J.K Rowling’s success

If we were to equate J.K. Rowling’s impressive rise to literary fame to one of the seven basic story archetypes, […]

5 Books that will inspire you to write

“The Six Golden Rules of Writing: Read, read, read, write, write, write.” Ernest Gaines Like most writers, I started because I […]

3 Quick and powerful reads written by Black authors

Recently I’ve loved the books you can read in a day, so I wanted to make a list of books […]

5 Book picks to spark reflection and critical thinking

I was reflecting on the great books which got me thinking lately. I realised they were all nonfiction and that I want to share them with you so you can find something you will also truly love from this list.

10 Nonfiction books you can read in just one day

Short nonfiction books are easy to read and snappy but packed full of lessons, teachings, and experiences that are vital […]

8 Must-read contemporary poetry collections for your list

8 Contemporary Poetry Recommendations

by Olga Bialasik Last week, we talked about getting your poetry published and the various avenues available for this. But […]

4 Female-written books about physical and mental health

by Shelby Jones You may be thinking reading about health is niche, but the topic of mental and physical wellbeing […]

Spooky Book Shelf: Nonfiction recommendations for when you need a thrill

by Olga Bialasik October is flying by and Halloween is closing in so fast that we might not even notice […]

The BookTok effect: How social media influences book marketing

The BookTok Effect

by Olga Bialasik Since the rise of social media, industries have taken advantage of its marketing potential and the internationality […]

Self-help vs self-improvement: What is the difference?

What Is the Difference between Self-Help and Self-Improvement Books

by Ameesha Smith-Green Even for those who love nonfiction, the terminology can sometimes get confusing. After all, there’s self-help, self-improvement, […]

12 Hours in York: An indie book shopping and tea drinking heaven

12 Hours in York 3

by Ameesha Smith-Green The pretty cathedral city of York is well-known for its black and white wooden buildings and confectionary, […]

Facing our literary history: is cancel culture threatening the classics?

Cancel Culture 2

by Beth Hutton The question of whether we can separate an artist from their work persists not only within the […]

Physical books vs e-books: The ultimate reader’s debate (and the danger of binge-reading)

Physical books vs e-books 2

by Becky Tandy Recently, I had an interesting conversation with a friend about whether print or digital books are better. […]

Does a million social media followers translate to a million book sales? The Billie Eilish case study

Billie Eilish blog

by Ameesha Smith-Green When it comes to pitching a manuscript to agents or publishers, having an author platform is seen […]

5 Winter holiday destinations for book lovers

5 Winter Holiday Destinations for Book Lovers

by Beth Hutton If you’re anything like me, then you’ll agree there’s nothing better than cosying up on the sofa […]

Cancelling “cancel culture”: What the new social buzzword means for the world of publishing

Cancelling Cancel Culture

by Beth Hutton Cancel culture is gaining momentum across academic circles and social media platforms alike, as people have been […]